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Paper Mate  |  Sharpie  |  highlighters  |  stick pens  |  wood pens sells discounted custom imprinted BiC pens.  Your promotional product will be printed with your corporate logo or advertising. Personalized BiC pens printed with your unique or special promo imprint can meet your special marketing needs with our low (cheap or wholesale) prices. The printed BiC pens are decorated with your personal marketing and promotional message. 










We will provide a detailed break down of all costs in our discounted quote. Our wholesale price quote will be your discounted net cost after all sales discounts have been applied.  All quotes are good for 60 days.

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BiC Pens provides promotional BiC pens along with an extensive line of promotional products and advertising specialties that are ideal for incentives, awards, executive gifts, giveaways, premiums, tradeshows, fund raising, schools, parties, weddings, sporting events, golf tournaments, political campaigns, Christmas holidays - all personalized or custom printed for your promotional needs. Many products are available with RUSH service, even 1-2 days on some products.

  MINIMUM ORDER:  $250.00

Normally 5-10 working days.
Ask about rush service.

SALES & DISCOUNTS:  The price range below is the List Price.  You will receive the lowest price and all other sales incentives available at the time of your BiC pens quote/order. 







BiC Promotional Pens - Product List

Bic Retractable Pens
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#CS - BiC Clic Stic  #CS -- The BiC Clic Stic® Ball Point Stick Pen in 3 styles!


#CSFW BiC Clic Stic Foil
#CSI BiC Clic Stic Ice
#CSCG BiC Clic Stic with Color Rubber Grip 
#CSIG BiC Clic Stic Ice with Rubber Grip
#MC BiC Media Clic
#MCI BiC Media Clic Ice
#CSR BiC Clic Stic Revo
#CSRI BiC Clic Stic Revo Ice
#CSRCG BiC Clic Stic Revo
#VB BiC Velocity Ball Pen

Bic WideBody Pens
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#CSWB - BiC WideBody  BiC WideBody® Retractable with black rubber grip or with colored rubber grip.


#CSWBG    #CSWBCG BiC WideBody w Rubber Grip  /   w Color Rubber Grip
#CSWBCLG BiC WideBody Clear w Rubber Grip
#CSWBIG BiC WideBody Ice w Rubber Grip
#CSWBMES BiC WideBody Ret. Message Pen
#CSWBMG BiC WideBody Ret. Chrome w/rubber Grip
#CSWBMCLB BiC WideBody Ret. Chrome Clear w/Rubber Grip
#CSWBRCG BiC WideBody Ret. Revo w/Color Rubber Grip
#CSWBRCLG BiC WideBody Ret. Revo Clear w/Rubber Grip
#CSWBRIG BiC WideBody Ret. Revo Ice w/Rubber Grip
#CSWBRMPG BiC WideBody Ret. Revo MP

Bic Tri-Stic Pens  
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#TS - BiC Tri-Stic The Tri Stic® Ball Point Stick Pen delivers 3 messages -- #TS is regular colors; #TSI is ice colors.
#TSI BiC Tri-Stic Ice
#TSG BiC Tri-Stic Foam Grip
#TSMAG BiC Tri-Stic Magnet Pen
#TSWBCG BiC Tri-Stic WideBody w/Color Grip
#TSWBCLG BiC Tri-Stic WideBody Clear w/Grip

BiC Twist Action PIVO Pens
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#TWP - BiC Pivo Twist Action  #TWP -- BiC Pivo Pen; #TWPG -- BiC Pivo gold; #TWPC -- BiC Pivo Chrome.


#TWPG   and   #TWPCLG BiC Pivo Gold    and    Pivo Clear Gold 
#TWPC   and   #TWPCLC BiC Pivo Chrome Twist Action   and   Clear Chrome Twist Action

BiC Stic Pens  /  2-Piece Pens
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#BCCBG - BiC Broadcaster Colors with rubber Grip    #BCCBG -- Broadcaster Colors with Rubber Grip.
#BCCRBG BiC Broadcaster Rope pen with Rubber Grip  
#GR BiC Grip Roller
#GRG BiC Grip Roller Gold
#RSG BiC Round Stic Grip
#RS   and #RSCLC
BiC Round Stic   and Bic Round Stic Clear Colors

#RSCLC -- The Bic Round Stic in new icy clear colors, custom imprinted with your logo or advertising message.


BiC Digital

BiC Clic Stic with Color Rubber Grip with Stock patriotic imprint
BiC Digital

BiC WideBody Color rubber grip with custom imprint
BiC Digital

Widebody Color rubber Grip -
with stock mountains imprint (scenic list)
BiC Digital

BiC Highlighters and Markers
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#Z4 BiC Z4 Free Ink Roller
#Z4BL, Z4BLP3, Z4BLP5 BiC Z4 Brite Liner
#BLG, BLGP3, BLGP5 BiC Brite Liner Grip
#BLGXL BiC Brite Liner Grip XL
#MRPG BiC Permanent Marker w Grip
#MRGE BiC Great Erase White Board Marker
#TWOS BiC Two-sider Ballpen/Highlighter
#4C BiC 4-Color Pen

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BiC Clic    /   BiC Clic Gold   /   BiC Clear Clics

The BiC Clic® Ball Point Stick Pen in 2 styles -- nickel plate or gold color trim.


#CIT   and   #CITCL BiC Citation     /    BiC Citation Clear
#XXL BiC  XXL Retractable Ball Pen
#STLRET BiC Steel Retractable
#STLRET BiC Steel Colors Retractable

BiC Gift Pens
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#STLB, STLR, STLRET BiC Steel - Retractable w Contoured Grip
#STLCB, STLCR, STLCRET BiC Steel Colors w Grip
#WCLB, WCLR The Worthington Lacquer
#WCCB, WCCR The Worthington Chrome
#WCMETB, WCMETR The Worthington Metallic
#MB The Executive  Marble
#LB, LR The BiC Leather


Sale Prices: The price range above is normally the product cost only for a quantity of 250 - 5000 (or closest price break).  On 90% of our 50,000+ promotional products the setup charge is generally $55
(normally a one-time charge).  There are additional charges for multi-color imprints, color matching, rush service, product proofs, etc.  Generally in order to receive a 20% discount the product cost must be at least $500.

The above is a good representation of the various styles and shapes available for this promotional product category.
We may not have listed every possible product variation, so please contact us if you don't see what you need.

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