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Fundraising Products

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custom-printed-promotional.com sells discounted custom imprinted fund raising products.  Your fundraiser product may be printed with your logo or advertising message. Personalized fund raising products with your unique or special promo imprinted on the item can make your fund raiser a success.









We will provide a detailed break down of all costs in our discounted quote. Our price will be your discounted net cost after all sales discounts. Quotes are good for 60 days.

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Fund Raising Products

custom-printed-promotional.com provides promotional fund raising products along with an extensive line of other promotional products that are ideal for fundraisers.

You may purchase your product unprinted (no promotional message) or imprinted with a logo or slogan of any kind - all personalized or custom printed for your fundraising project


SALES & DISCOUNTS:  The price ranges provided throughout this website are List Prices.  You will receive the lowest price and all other sales incentives available at the time of your fund raising quote/order. 

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Products for Fund Raising

We have over 50,000+ products from snacks to high end luggage that you might choose for your fund raiser.  The key is to pick a product that meets both the needs of your audience and your sales force.  Historically fundraising in schools and clubs has often centered around food or snacks.  We can certainly supply that type of product, but we suggest that if you can find a durable product that has real intrinsic value, you will be more successful.

Product sale fundraisers are either cash and carry - you buy the products in advance and then go sell them, or you take orders and then order only what you sell.  Cash and carry fund raising usually centers around low cost items and often involve something edible. If you choose the cash and carry alternative, consider the size of your target audience and order products accordingly. You you can lose your entire effort if you don't sell the product

Alternatively, and often resulting in higher revenue and profit , is the one to two-page flyer or larger catalog offering a variety of products. This is usually more difficult than a cash and carry because a second visit to the customer is required to deliver the products they purchased.  If you are familiar with your market and know what your audience will buy, choosing 5-10 products for you fundraiser can really pay big dividend.

 If you decide to go with the catalog approach you have a wide variety of products that are well suited for fund raising.  In this situation, the first sales call is normally more involved because the salesmen has a number of products to explain.  If you analyze who you will be selling to, and choose appropriate products, normally there is little explaining.  Remember, the normal customers for most fundraisers are family members, neighbors, co-workers and local businesses.

It is also important to know what other groups are selling or have recently sold in your area.  This information will be extremely valuable in selecting the fund raising products for your catalog. 

Ideas for Fundraiser Programs

If you don't know what to sell and if your sales forces is not the "selling" type, then choosing some fundraising products that are simple and inexpensive may be the best strategy.  One category of fundraising products that's always popular are items that are pre-purchased in bulk and offered for immediate sale. An excellent example of this is doing a food snack fundraiser.  Each salesman carries a box snacks for sale at a selling price of $1 to $3.  Often, salesman can find high traffic areas such as grocery parking lots where they can see a large number of customers at one time.

We have hundreds of products that would fit into the marketing niche - go to Product Listing for a full list of our products that can be used a fund raisers.  Remember, we can sell you the fundraising product blank or with the name of your school, city, or other promotional message.  If you are not an artist we have stock art and can help you design your message.

School or Spirit Fund-Raising

Spirit or pep fund-raising products are very popular with schools, bands, clubs, youth athletic groups, and sports teams.  Your fundraising product or products will feature items with your logo, mascot, or slogan. Customers would be those people normally attending or associated the the activity that is being promoted.  Promotional fundraisers show support for the school/teamís activity.

Examples of such fund raising products would include:  stadium cushions, stadium cups, foam hands, clothing, hats noisemakers, tattoos, plastic/foam balls, etc. These are usually sold at the events when they occur and even at food stands at the location. Because of the high interest in inherent desire to "support the team" these types of products can return a significant profit to your group.

Seasonal Fundraising Products

The big advantage of fundraising during special seasons of the year is that their is a built-in market for seasonal fundraising products that are associated with the specific holiday or season.  The obvious holidays are Christmas, New Years, Valentines Day, St. Patrick's  Day, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving, etc.  We have products that can fit nicely into any of these special holidays.  Fundraising during these special seasons can produce very nice income for your group.

Profit Tips For Fundraising
These fundraiser tips will boost your fundraising results far more than you might suspect. You can be a hero in your group when you fundraising brings in 1000s of dollar$.

Select the right products that fit your market:  This may sound like a simple an obvious point, but too many projects are not successful because no thought was given to who was buying, why they were buying and what could they afford.  If appropriate pick a product that has some brand recognition.

Give you salesman something to say:  Very few are born salesman, particularly kids or teenagers. There is some skill needed to ask for an order - particularly if you want the answer to be "yes."  For example, "Hi, I'm Suzie Smith and our school is raising funds for new uniforms for the basketball team. Can you assist/help the team by buying a few XXX because the existing uniforms are ______________?"  If you ask for assistance or help that put the potentially buyer in the position of having to turn down a worthy cause.  You have given the buyer the psychological reason you want him/her to buy and their is no reason to beg . . . it's for a good cause.

Sell at high-traffic locations:  You can increase your sales significantly by being where the people are and where other potential buyers can see sales taking place.  If you are going to be in or near a retail establishment its is wise to get permission from the store in advance for your fundraising.  Have a sign that advertises why you are raising funds, and they will help answer questions in advance.

Offer an multiple products:  Your sales can increase dramatically if you offer various fundraising products.  Have a 5-6 products to sell is much better than selling only 1 -2 fund raising products because it gives the buyer a choice.  This will also allow you to have some different price levels to meet different buyers needs.

Rewards your salesmen:  Everybody loves to win a prize.  Sales always perform better when they're personally motivated.  Salesmen can be motivated with individual prizes or reward, or with a parties for those achieving a certain level of sales.

Fund Raisers
Many of our products are ideal fund raisers for Booster Clubs, sports teams or events,
 Parent - Teacher groups, special events, activity clubs, or to sell in your school bookstore.

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Special Fund Raising Program - Turn Key Package for selling ads on:
44 oz / 64 oz Insulated Mugs OR  Stadium Cushions
Contact us by email for details

Unique Fund Raising Products:
Christmas Ball Ornaments or Metal Christmas Ornaments
Fishing Lures
 Rubber Ducks (for raffles)
Sandals / Flip-flops
Blazer Crests / Embroidered Patches
Buttons / Blinking Strobe Light Buttons
Cloisonne Hard Enamel Lapel Pins
Molded Rubber Awareness Bracelets / Wristlets
Box Tissues or Cup Tissues for your car
Christmas Cards or Special Occasion Greeting Cards

Gourmet Chocolate Gift Boxes
Chocolate Cookies - Chocolate Gift Boxes (large or small)
Chocolate Industry shapes
Chocolate Truffles or Chocolate Specialties

Stuffed Animals
Bean Bags - Custom Characters - Safari Series Stuffed Toy Animals -  Teddy Bears

Commemorative Plates
Ceramic or Porcelain

Playing Cards
Bridge or poker

Cotton, Nylon, or Neoprene Lanyards
Lanyards with your imprint woven into material

Key Rings, Fobs, and Tags
Sof-touch Key Fobs - 100s of shapes
Wood Key Tags: Baseball bats, Hockey sticks, etc

Auto Equipment or Use
Car license plates (plastic)
License Plates (Embossed Aluminum)
Car license plate frames
Bumper stickers
Road atlas, both mini and full size
Car window decals
Windshield sun protector for parked cars

Coffee Mugs
Travel Mugs - Sports Bottles - Steel Mugs

Ceramic - Cork - Leather - Absorbing Stone

Sports Blankets and Picnic Blankets

Appointment or Executive

Travel Items
Rain Ponchos - Totes - Luggage Tags or straps - Road Atlas

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Sale Prices: The price range above is normally the product cost only for a quantity of 250 - 5000 (or closest price break).  On 90% of our 50,000+ promotional products the setup charge is generally $55
(normally a one-time charge).  There are additional charges for multi-color imprints, color matching, rush service, product proofs, etc.  Generally in order to receive a 20% discount the product cost must be at least $500.

USES:  Our printed fund raising products are great for raising funds for schools, bands, clubs, athletic teams, etc.

The above is a good representation of the various styles and shapes available for this promotional product category.
We may not have listed every possible product variation, so please contact us if you don't see what you need.

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