Promotional Napkins Case Study (Beverage)

promotional napkins make great promo products
Promotional Beverage Napkins

All size companies use promotional beverage napkins to advertize their business, promote their brands, gain name recognition, attract foot traffic, and increase product awareness. Beverage napkins are used at  cafes, diners, bars, pubs, and restaurants of all kinds. It makes sense to use this napkin space on products you are already purchasing to help accomplish your advertizing goals.

A good example of a company using beverage napkins for promotion is:

Many sports bars run promotions to attract business to watch local and state football, basketball, and baseball games on TV. Not only can your business be promoted by the imprinted beverage promotional napkin but local ads can be used to promote the coming event as well as provide Practical use during the games.

Outside the bar, restaurant or cafe . . .

1. Local children's sports leagues take place at locals fields each year. Promotional napkins advertising the games or the league can be donated to local snack bars for use during the Fall, Winter, or Spring.

2. Beverage napkins can also be given to local school cafeterias or sporting events for use during home field events. It is great for football, basketball, soccer, or baseball.

3. Collaborate with a nearby bar, snack shop, cafe, or restaurant where significant beverage traffic occurs. Donate promotional napkins to the eating establishment during sports seasons advertising the games or league and the food establishment can provide you with coupons for free eats, free drinks, free promotional mugs,, etc. for prize rewards during the games. Everybody wins with promotional napkins.

4. Beverage napkins are given to barber shops and hair salons whose customers are primary men. Serve guests with free drinks and provide an advertising beverage napkin at the same time - advertize or promote your business or coming events.

Inside the bar, restaurant or cafe…

1. After the events, the beverage napkins can continue to be used in the eating establishment itself.

2. During televised games, patrons are encouraged to use promotional beverage napkins to talk smack to tables across the room (all in good fun). Promo napkins might be imprinted with “Smack Talk Showdown.”  Napkins can be delivered by waiters  --  maybe even read aloud by the delivery person.  Good times had by all with some creative use of your beverage promotional napkins.

Other Ways Restaurants Use promotional Napkins imprinted with your logo or message.

Imprint beverage napkins with a place to write, and provide printed promo pens or pencils with each promotional napkin. Use the napkins to brainstorm solutions for this months "PROBLEM." Give awards and prizes to the winning idea each month. You may be able to solve the the energy crisis, our national debt problem, or the local traffic congestion on your street. Post all the "good" solutions and let customers vote for the the best idea. Have a special monthly event where the winner is announced and the framed napkin is placed on the "wall of fame."