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4-Color Paper Cups       4-Color Plastic Cups       4-Color Napkins sells discounted custom imprinted napkins.  Your promotional product will be printed with your corporate logo or advertising. Personalized napkins printed with your unique or special promo imprint can meet your special marketing needs with our low (cheap wholesale) prices. The printed napkins are decorated with your personal marketing and promotional message. 










We will provide a detailed break-down of all costs in our discounted quote. Our wholesale price quote will be your discounted net cost after all sales discounts have been applied.  All quotes are good for 60 days.

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Personalized Napkins (Dinner) provides promotional napkins along with an extensive line of promotional products and advertising specialties that are ideal for incentives, awards, executive gifts, giveaways, premiums, tradeshows, fund raising, schools, parties, weddings, sporting events, golf tournaments, political campaigns, Christmas holidays - all personalized or custom printed for your promotional needs. Many products are available with RUSH service, even 1-2 days on some products.

  MINIMUM ORDER:  $250.00

Normally 5-7 working days.
Ask about rush service.

SALES & DISCOUNTS:  The price range below is the List Price.  You will receive the lowest price and all other sales incentives available at the time of your napkins quote/order. 







Personalized Napkins -  Buyers Guide


Personalized dinner napkins are frequently used to promote businesses and events. When you serve food or drinks to clients, guests, or at meeting and conferences that is the perfect time to promote or announce a special event or provide a targeted message to your customer or guest. You can choose the ideal napkin for your message and not over-spend.

Size: Personalized napkins come in three standard shapes and ideal uses: beverage napkins, luncheon napkins and dinner napkins. Size will varies, but…

  • Beverage napkins are generally 5″ x  5″ when folded and are most frequently used when you are served a drink (especially if no promotional coaster is being used). This is a very popular choice.
  • Lunch napkins are a little larger, about 6-1/2″ x 6-1/2 when folded and are a perfect size for all types of events.
  • Dinner napkins are 17″ x  17″ when unfolded and are usually used as a “1/8 fold” which looks like a rectangle beside the plate and is perfect for displaying utensils. Dinner napkins can be purchased in a quarter fold also.

Personalized Dinner Napkins Clean Up

Fold: Personalized beverage or bar napkins as well as lunch napkins are provided in a quarter fold pattern. This means they look like a square when displayed on your table. You can fold these again if you like. Personalized dinner napkins can also be ordered in a square fold, but are usually folded into a rectangle shape.

Ply Thickness: Personalized beverage, lunch and dinner napkins can be purchased in three thicknesses:

  • 1-Ply  -  single thickness folded into one of the shapes described above.  It is less cost but thin.
  • 2-Ply  -  two sheets but they are not available in white for smaller quantities. Colored napkins are only available in the 2-ply size.
  • 3-Ply  -  three paper sheets and perfect for heavy use. 3-ply napkins are perfect for parties and banquets.

Your Logo: Where should you place your imprint? It will not impact your cost but you want to make sure your logo or message is seen and read. Place your personalized imprint on the napkin so that it can be easily read. Typically the imprint is read from left to right when the napkin is viewed with edge parallel to the table edge. However the most common placement is a diagonal imprint. Typically the diagonal placement is the default placement if you do not specify where you want personalized napkins printed.

How to choose?

We recommend that you choose a 3-ply napkin when personalizing your promotional napkins because they leave the right impression - especially for sit down meals and banquets. Three ply dinner napkins are not only heavier but they are softer.

But, if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative because the napkins will not have heavy use or used only briefly, you can save money by using 1-ply or 2-ply napkins. The personalization will look fine regardless of the thickness. If you have questions or want to see the napkins first hand, we can send you samples of other personalized napkins that we have printed so that you can see for yourself.

dinner napkins
Dinner Napkin

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Imprinted Personalized Napkins (DINNER) - Product Code: #AS5-DN8

   Material: Paper
   Size: Open 17 x 17
   Colors Available: White or 18 other colors
   Shapes/Styles: 1-ply; 2-ply or 3-ply   (Minimum 10,000 for 2-ply)

List Price Range (1c imprint on 3-Ply): $.16 - $.23 each for 1000-5000, (lowest price for highest catalog quantity--usually 2500 or 5000). Your price will depend on quantity/size/style and will include applicable discounts!

LOWER PRICES:  on 1-Ply and 2-Ply napkins

Link for 4-Color Process Napkins

Sale Prices: The price range above is normally the product cost only for a quantity of 250 - 5000 (or closest price break).  On 90% of our 50,000+ promotional products the setup charge is generally $55 (normally a one-time charge).  There are additional charges for multi-color imprints, color matching, rush service, product proofs, etc.  Generally in order to receive a 20% discount the product cost must be at least $500.

USES:  Our personalized napkins are great for all company functions, celebrations, and corporate events.

The above is a good representation of the various styles and shapes available for this promotional product category.
We may not have listed every possible product variation, so please contact us if you don't see what you need.

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